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Crunch! - Part 2

  • Crunch! - Part 2

    If you're ultimate fantasy is to be kicked in the balls by beautiful women & to have your testicles crushed to a pulp under their pretty toes & sexy barefeet - you'll love this clip! Both of these goddesses kick him in the jewels super hard & seem to really enjoy stomping his nuts into mush. Xana stands in front of his hanging ball bag & slams her sexy flip flop into it so hard we were surprised he didn't pass right out! She steps away & now it's Megan's turn to kick him as hard as she can. His poor swollen ball bag is just hanging there for them to kick & they kick it super hard! Ouch! Then then girls decide to use this ball bag as a stepper & get some exercise. "I feel like I'm going to pop them doing this!" - Xana says as she is standing on his nuts. Megan & Xana look so incredibly hot in their sexy workout clothes taking turns standing full weight with both feet on his scrotum. These two hot girls crunch his nuts every chance they get!

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    • Length: 5:00
    • Created: 9/25/11
    • Nudity? Yes
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